Saturday, April 28, 2007

Nothing In Particular

Another one of those days where I have no clue what to write about, but I have to write about something. It's been too many days since my last entry.

I still have Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft on my laptop. After reading the forums, I'm in no hurry to upgrade. When Edgy came out, people had lots of problems. I installed Edgy with no problems, but I'd waited for almost 3 months to do so. I might do that again. Within three months, the updates will take care of many of the problems. Then again, with my luck there will be no problems at all. I can stand next to a computer that someone tells me is 'broken', and it suddenly starts to work. I hope that happens when I get in business. My workdays will be easy. I'll just let my super powers take care of everything.

I have a closet of 15 computers. They all probably would work if they had power supplies. That seems to be the most common problem in computers that break. Not malware, not crashed hard drives, but power supplies. My ability to fix computers just by looking at them doesn't work on bad power supplies. When a power supply goes bad, the user figures the whole thing is broken. If I had 15 power supplies, I could give out 15 computers right now. Well, only 3 of them would would have hard drives. The rest would have to boot from a LiveCD. But, they'd work.

Many of the computers I get come with no hard drives. The user either takes it, or they request to have it removed and given back to them. Even explaining how Boot and Nuke works doesn't satisfy them. They don't want their personal information out there. What they don't get is; They probably put it in the garbage everyday. ID thieves steal your garbage for your ID far more often than from your computer. I could use those hard drives.

Power Supplies, hard drives, and wifi cards. Those are what I need most for my Unofficial Central Florida Free Geek organization. Right now, and organization of two; me and Nancy. What does Nancy do? She rides with me to pick up the donations. And, lets me store them around the house.

I'm hoping to get a donation of laptops soon. I'm itching to do a red paint job like K.Mandla did. The one he did sold well on eBay. I'd probably sell a few on eBay to cover my own expenses. I hope to make my Free Geek organization official someday, but till then I do what I have to, to make ends meet.

We went to Home Depot's Home Expo center tonight. The wannabe elitist in me said, "cool stuff". The socialist in me said, "Overconsumer paradise". It was a equal debate tonight. I'm sure my socialist side will guilt my elitist side into submission soon enough.

Thanks for reading my blog. Especially posts like this.

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