Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Woodstream Writers

Many of you know I like to write. I post some of my fiction on another blog; DannyTLand. Dannyland was already taken, so I had to add the 'T'.

Jamie Morris teaches writing workshops. I've had a few other local workshops, attended many writing groups, all of which helped. But, Jamie's groups have always been the best for my creative juices. I get in there and for at least two hours the rest of the world doesn't exist. Just us writers, and the characters we create. Not everyone does fiction. Some write poetry. Some essays, some do stream-of-consciousness. I'm fiction bent. I have to get the stories in my head down on digital paper or I'll go insane. Hmm...might make for a good story.

Woodstream Writers' workshops use the Amherst Writers & Artists guidelines. Jamie handles the format with a firm, but kind hand. I've been in some workshops where the facilitator isn't able to avoid letting someone dominate the group. Jamie doesn't let that happen. She kindly keeps everyone on track.

The really cool thing is that Jamie's teaching doesn't only help people with writing. I've watched new writers grow in her classes. Their newfound confidence in writing transfers to other areas in their life. I've observed this effect with exercise; as someone gains confidence in their physical appearance, and functional ability, that confidence bleeds to other areas of their life. Same with writing. Especially with writing. Writing makes you feel smart.

If you are interested in any form of writing, even blogging, I suggest taking a class like Jamie's. Use this link to find a AWA facilitated group near you. At the very least, you'll meet some really interesting people. I met Nancy in a writing class!

I'll try to post a few things I get from the class in my DannyTland blog.

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