Monday, April 02, 2007

Xubuntu again

I put Xubuntu back on the old Compaq. This time I put 7.04 beta on. Installed easily, and it actually seemed faster that Fluxbuntu. I'm not sure why.

Xubuntu is faster on this 400 MHz Pentium II machine than the 500 MHz Celeron machine. It may be because the Compaq has 128 meg more memory (384 meg) than the eMachine. If that's the case, it goes to show how much a difference more memory can make. A slower processor with more memory will seem faster than a faster processor with less memory.

Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn is coming out in a few weeks. I've not been happy with the wireless issues in general, and from what I'm reading on the reviews of the beta versions, I'm not the only one. I'm much less concerned about Ubuntu having eye candy desktops than I am with easy wireless connectivity. I think most Ubuntu users would agree. The eye candy isn't much good if you can't borrow your neighbors wireless signal.

I know that many thing will improve with Linux, Ubuntu in particular, this year. The wireless issues especially. I'm more concerned about the available applications. If Linux is going to become mainstream, the applications must be available for it, or the alternative applications must be as good (like or better (like GAIM). The changes coming up in education will require superior content authoring and delivery. So far, OS X holds the top position for that.


Anonymous said...

im a noob at ubuntu but i know you can always use ndiswrapper. now for borrowing a essid with a wep pass code i never tried . Did other version enable a person to "borrow" internet even if the other person had a Wep key? Im a new user.

Danny said...

We were only able to 'borrow' open wireless signals. You can break a wep pass, but it's more time consuming that with the effort. Easier to simply ask the person if you can 'borrow' signal. Knoppix or Helix would be better for 'sniffing' signals out.