Monday, April 16, 2007


The video in the previous post explains why I'm going into technology. Thanks to Karl Fisch for putting together a presentation. If you read the history of it, he put it together for a school facilty presentation, then posted it on his blog. That was in August 2006. Since then, it's been view over 2.3 million times. Think about that, folks. That's why the networks are scared. Karl has more presentations on his blog. Check it out.

Sudo apt-get update
Sudo apt-get upgrade

That's the command line version of upgrading your software in Ubuntu. You don't need to use the command line to upgrade and update, but it's a bit faster.

Ubuntu 7.04 (2007, April) Feisty Fawn will be out on Thursday. I'll eventually upgrade to it, but I'm going to wait till after this semester is over. I have everything working just right on my laptop, and don't want to risk it till then. I've heard some disasters happen in the beta versions, but those were beta. This will also give me a chance to watch the forums for possible problems with the final release. I'll probably wait a few weeks to upgrade, but I'll eventually give in.

Speaking of upgrades, I burned the Vista for Business CD's today. Students get if free through school. I need to learn it, so it was time to burn it. My problem is; I have a 200 gig hard drive in the computer. That's probably 160 more gigs than I'll ever use with Vista. I'll need to transfer everything I have off, but a smaller drive in, and load Vista on that. Vista is loaded with Digital Rights Management technology, and I just don't want to reward Microsoft for caving in to bad laws. They stood up when the broke the laws, but laid down and went submissive when then should have stood up. I like to download podcasts, audiobooks, and some music. Instead of stealing, I try to use free content. Jamendo, Podiobooks and are sites I use for that. Windows Vista would slap DRM on content that doesn't want or need it there. Forget that. 40 gigs are probably all I need, if that.

If only updating Windows was as easy as sudo update windows, sudo upgrade windows.

sudo apt-get install brain

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