Thursday, April 12, 2007

ChaCha Update

ChaCha Search Search

I've been a bit lax in my ChaCha endeavors. ChaCha is suppose to come out with a version of the guide application for Mac and Linux pretty soon. I'd been using it on Ubuntu, with a few bugs, but since they did a guide application update, it doesn't load up in Linux. Ties too much into Internet Explorer. Since the version of IE6 I use runs in WINE, the guide app doesn't link to it.

I'm willing to be that eventually ChaCha will be a good search engine. Right now, I think there are too many guides you think they can do good searching, but don't know enough about some of their subjects. I take only subjects that I actually know something about.

I could see some business actually using ChaCha as their method of customer support. I've suggested on the Florida Ubuntu forums a way to do just that. Even better, if all the Ubuntu support on ChaCha was through me, I'd be doing pretty well. But, that would be a while from now.

Anyway, give ChaCha a try. If you click on one of the links I provided in this text, and use it for a search, I'll actually get credit. Go ahead....whatcha got to lose?

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