Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Random Thoughts

For my friends and family: This is a non techy post.

The presentations for my classes are next week, then the finals after that. In one class, we have a group presentation. Problem is, half of the group dropped the class. As of now, our group consists of two people. And, guess who volunteered to do a good bit of the work? No a big problem though; it's on Ubuntu for business.

I think I have a stye in my left eye. I never knew these things affected your whole body! With all the homework, projects, and tests I have to do, it really takes it's toll on me. For such a little bitty irritant, it distracts your attention from pretty much anything you're doing, and seems to fatigue everything. Almost feels like mono.

So Don Imus and the Rutgers Womens Basketball team got some free advertising this week. They must have taken courses at the Madonna school of advertising. That, Rosie O'Donnell is on vacation. Under normal circumstances, I'd say what he did was wrong, but I don't think so this time. For one reason: I think the whole thing was preplanned. Consider this; how many of you even knew who Don Imus was before this, or knew anything about Rutgers Basketball. There's only one group that should be upset about all this: The University of Tennessee Lady Vols Basketball! They won the NCAA national championship game, and they are 7 time National Champions! If I were them, I'd be making a stink that Rutgers is getting all this air time. The lady vols are the only ones that have the right to be calling the Rutgers girls hos'. Lou Dobbs is way more of a racist than Don Imus.

Speaking of Lou Dobbs, I can't stand that racists, Hispanic hating SOB! And he really needs to brush his teeth. "Increase border security!" "Put up a wall!". I don't know. Maybe he's right. Those ideas worked great for East Germany, and the Soviet Union. China too, back when it really was more communist. Now, it's a capitalist police state; the worst of both worlds. They'll find out soon enough.

What Dobbs doesn't get is that no matter how much security you have, no matter how good your walls are, people will come in. The only way to keep people out of USA is to make it less attractive to come in. They'll risk imprisonment; it's better than what they have now. The only way to keep illegal immigrants out is; make USA worse than where they come from. But, all the in deep debtors and overconsumers are on the way to doing just that.

I don't like calling them illegal immigrants. For most of them, the only thing they've done illegal was coming over the border. Once they're here they abide by the laws of the land better than we do. They don't want to get caught and forced to go back. Yes, I know some criminals that come across the border. This is where I agree with Bush (did I actually say that??). I gotta say, he's right on this one. Either that, or tear down Lady Liberty.

This also brings up another point: By the year 2050, the USA will be a majority Spanish speaking country. You can do all the legislating you want, but you can't change lingual dynamics. The evolution and travel of language happens on it's own, just like nature. You don't have to like it, but you will eventually have to deal with it.

Asmeagen beos: Wit negedon gecwedan gelice beos nu.

What? You don't understand that? Come speak English, don't you? Of course, some Welsh, Galic, or Irish speakers may be able to get some of it. It's Old English! We don't speak that way anymore. So, when you're told you don't speak proper English, you can reply:

Eow necunnan gecwedan Englisc!

Language changes, people! Take it from a writer.

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