Saturday, April 07, 2007

Updated Xubuntu on Both iMacs

I now have Xubuntu 6.10 on both iMac G3, 333 MHz machines. It actually runs really well, especially on the aqua machine, like the one in the picture. That one has 256 meg of memory, I think. Xubuntu is actually much faster on those iMacs than on some of the 500 MHz Celeron machines I've put it on. But then, most Apple people probably already had that figured out.

I tried to get a different wireless USB dongle working on them; a generic CompUSA one, with the Ralink 2573 chipset. Evidently, that even though that chipset is suppose to be open, it brings much misery to those who use it. I tried to get it working, but I don't think the PowerPC CPU's like it. I could be wrong.

I did find something out tonight though; I'm beginning to actually get and understand The Command Line. I imagine there comes a time in every IT guy, hacker, computer enthusiast, or Penguinista's life when they are working in the command line, and it occurs to them they can anticipate the instruction. I got there tonight. Usually, I just find a site with the instructions I need and copy/paste them into the terminal. Lately, I've been typing the instructions in by hand. Just like using a typing tutor, after awhile you begin to get it. You begin to understand what you are doing, where you're making things go, and how you're getting things to work. When you type them in the terminal, over and over again, you eventually get it.

So, to my Linux friends, don't copy and paste command line stuff in the terminal. Enter it by hand. And soon, you to can enter the world of the 1337. If you're already 1337, you already know that. If you don't know what 1337 is, well, you probably haven't even read this far. If you've bothered to read this far, you probably on your way.

Right now, I'm listening to free Jazz music over It's a site kindof like Jamendo. Check them out, if you're interested in free music. Legally. If you're not into music, checkout Podiobooks. You don't have to steal music or audiobooks. There's really good stuff out there, completely free. If you're not into any of those, go take another hit on the meth pipe, and find another blog.

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Evo Terra said...

Acutally, I think a fast pased book like Infection might even be enjoyable to a meth freak.

But at any rate, Danny -- thanks for pushing your readers over to You are correct in your assertion that there are many good things available for free. :)