Thursday, February 08, 2007

Real Heros

We've made the crossover. We can no longer complain about China being a police state. Maybe we aren't as bad quite yet, but we are getting rapidly closer.

The civil laws of this country are a joke, and the criminal ones are marginal at best. We're told, by lawyers of course, that it's the best in the world. For some reason, I just don't by it.

Josh Wolf is a vlogger; video blog journalist. He has a blog on his site. Josh Wolf has the elite distinction of being the longest incarcerated journalist in U.S. History, for failure to comply with a subpoena. He is being held under civil contempt. By way of his friends and family, he is still blogging from prison. There is even a wiki for those working to help free him. You can even review all the legal documents in his case.

For anyone doing a blog, it's important that you read about Bloggers Rights. The Electronic Frontier Foundation helps out with this stuff.

Many of you don't click on the links I provide. No matter. I still provide them. But this time, this post, is one important time I ask you to click on each link. This is one time when anyone who reads my blog needs to be aware. Aware of where we are headed.

I appreciate Josh for what he is doing. And, when I have the ability, I'll support his efforts, and others like him. For now, I'll keep doing my little blog.

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