Sunday, February 11, 2007


Thursday night, the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival had the unveiling of the new image for the poster and T Shirt. I like it.

I think this will be a quick sellout.

Last Monday evening, we had a meeting about recommendations for digital screening for the Art Festival. We're going to recommend the need to change to digital screen for the next festival. We've done manual screening for the artist for 48 years. But, no one makes the projectors anymore, and the need to go to digital screening is upon us. One organization that does this Zapp. Another is Juried Art Services. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

I originally joined the WPSAF to learn about art. In my voting as a board member, the first thing I ask myself before a vote is, "Will this help the artist?" My vote is always for what will help the artist.

I feel comfortable around the artists. They're strange and quirky. Same with writers. I don't feel comfortable with business types. The pursuit of money just bothers me. It's one thing to pursue an income to make a comfortable living, but beyond that unnecessary. Artist do what they do for the art itself. For the passion of the practice. Same with writers. If I ever make money from my writing efforts, of course I'll be glad. But, it's not why I write.

Nancy and I did a lot of painting this week too. If you look on Nancy's Blog, you'll see what we worked on. Look closely at her picture of her in the black dress. See the wallpaper in the background. The picture of what we painted is the same room. It's like coffee ice cream color.

In Other News
ChaCha has been doing some upgrades lately, so if you tried it and it didn't work good, try again. It's still in beta, and probably will be for another year. Flickr was in beta for a long time.

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