Monday, February 05, 2007

Cow Bells

Last week was pretty productive. On Sunday Jan 28, the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival had a planning Think Tank. The Community Foundation of Central Florida helped with the process. The facilitator, Mark Brewer, was excellent at his job. I highly recommend his consult if you work with a non profit organization.

I'm doing well in my classes. At the moment, the Windows XP professional class is more difficult than the Linux Administration class. The Windows class teaches how to install, administrate, and manage desktops on a massive scale. Think 20,000 computers, all at once. Yeah. Not easy. In the Linux class, we're getting into command line stuff. I'm somewhat familiar with it, so we going into details of stuff that I already know. It helps to know the details.

I spent part of the week preparing a strategy in my attack against a Sith Lord. I'm about to teach Darth Hayter (sounds really good, don't it), a lesson in social networking, and the power of Web 2.0. He will rue the day he put forth a fraudulent claim.

On Friday night, we went to a 20th anniversery celebration of First Covenant Church. Nancy helped found the church twenty years ago, and was with them when it was just a group meeting at a Middle School cafeteria. I met the pastor, Tom Chanter, at Amy's wedding. He's a great guy. You can get a good idea of what he's like from his picture.
He makes religion fun. Maybe, I'll convert from Norse. I think Odin and Thor would understand.

On Saturday night, we went to the Burns Night Dinner of the Saint Andrews Society. Robert Burns was a character, and it's fun celebrating him. The world sings one of his songs every year.

Yesterday, we went to Universal. We went to a bunch of stuff we haven't done before; Terminator 2 3D, Back to the Future, MIB Alien Attack, and Revenge of the Mummy. We also saw the Animal Actors. T-2000b paused in his slaughter of humans for a photo op with us.

Makes me glad I use Linux!

What does the title of this post, "Cow Bells" have to do with anything? Absolutely nothing. It was the only thing that came to mind. I've never claimed to skill at titling.

I want me one of these:

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