Friday, February 09, 2007

About Being a ChaCha Guide

This video will give you an idea of how it actually works, and what I do:

Right now, that guide application is only available for Windows, so I have to boot to Windows XP anytime I want to work. ChaCha is suppose to come out with a Mac OS X and Linux Guide Application this month. I'm looking forward to that. I abhor booting to Windows!

So, if you watched the video, you have a pretty good idea of how ChaCha works. Go ahead, try it out now:
ChaCha Search Search


Anonymous said...

Well i'm running Linux, and since there's no Linux version yet i have the same problem.
But instead of restarting my computer to Windows, I just use VMWare.

Danny said...

Yeah, but what good is it going to do you in Denmark? Unless, you're a US citizen, of course. Can't be a ChaCha guide unless you're a US citizen.