Thursday, February 01, 2007

Complete Change

As some of you may have noticed, my original site is gone, and that address comes to my blog. With school picking up, and working toward getting a tech job, I wasn't able to increase my clientelle for Personal Training. It got to the point where I was paying out a bit more than I was making, so I decide to make the switch now. As of today, I'm retired from the Personal Training industry.

So, I even change my clothing line:

As you can see, the "Personal Trainer" title is removed from under the logo. will become a place of fun. The Logo will not be specific to anything in particular, except me. Of course, I want all the attention, so buy a shirt and advertise me.

Click here to get to my store.

I am going to work an a complete website, but as I said before, I'm going to practice building, implementing, administering, and maintaining my own web server. I like getting experience by screwing up my own stuff, before I screw up someone else stuff. Except for my drink mug, my pocket pc, and my girlfriend, I don't worry too much about possessions. Not that Nancy's a possession, but you know how we guys are. Everything is a toy to us.

I'll still keep a few in-home clients, but in the future, I'll be doing fitness instead of teaching it. I may even post some of my fitness accomplishments here.

So, if anyone here in Orlando has an entry level tech position open, I'm looking. email me at:

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