Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Ubuntu Bossman Wireless Success

At least, so far.

I've been a busy boy the last few days. On Monday, my laptop crapped out. It wouldn't start past the ATI (video card) driver. That has been a problem in the past, but it may have been even more of a problem than I though. Seems after checking my hard drive, it was a sick little thing. Lots of errors. I ran a few utilities, and fixed the errors on the disk, as far as I could tell. I reinstalled Windows, and I was able to install Ubuntu on it. I'm still setting up all the programs on both partitions. Every time I have to do this -and if you use Windows, you will- I get better at it. My system gets leaner, and I use fewer programs.

Hopefully, I've finally found the wireless option for Linux: the Belkin Wireless G USB Network Adapter.

It didn't work, at first, only to find out I hadn't actually plugged it in. Then it didn't work quite right, till I realized that using the USB harddrive on the front USB connectors interfers with the connectors in the back. After unplugging the hard drive from the back, restarting the computer, Ubuntu recognized the adapter and network right away. I restarted the computer a few times, just to make sure it wouldn't lock up. No problems. So far, this is the wireless solution I've been looking for.

Back to studying.

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