Monday, July 24, 2006

16 Hours

Yesterday, I spent 16 Hours at the computer. Studying. Actually I was finishing the last assignments, reviews, and tests of the semester. I was a bit behind, but didn't realize it. Not too far, but it was really good that I didn't have to work yesterday.

My Personal Training business is picking up. I haven't even been trying to get more clients. I knew it would pick up eventually. Funny how things happen all at once. One client is going to be training on his own in a few weeks. Cool guy too. I'll miss seeing him, but that's part of the business. Making personal connectings with your clients is necessary, to really understand how to help them best. It also makes it harder when it's time for them to move on, because it feels like losing a friend. Like I said, it's part of the business. For whatever reason, when it's time for someone to move on, you have to let them, and encourage them to continue training. Some trainers panick at it, but mostly because of the hit in income. But, I've always believe that if I do my job, the clients will come. And they do. Good thing too.

Tomorrow, I'm giving away a computer. I hope there's a wireless access point nearby. In a neighborhood, there usually is. Many of them. The Belkin Wireless USB Network Adapter that works with Ubuntu Linux doesn't have a place for an external antenna. I've cracked open a different model, and didn't find anything resembling antenna. Just a chip. Maybe, somewhere on the net is a 'hacking a USB adapter' to put an antenna on it. If there is, comment for me, or email me the link.

My pattern of training is off. Really off. That's all I'm gonna say on that subject (buring head in fitness shame). No excuses - though I have some good ones.

Sorry no pics today. No Google or YouTube videos either. Couldn't find any good ones.

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