Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ubuntu Wireless Success!

I'm writing this post from on a wireless connection through Ubuntu Linux. It seems the updated kernel enhancements enabled the driver for the Belkin PCI Wireless G card. This is a huge jump in capability for my project. Now, I can offer people a wireless enabled computer. The next part of my project will envolve building a few Pringles Can antennas. I've even seen some built with a handgrip for wardriving. When The Bossman Project has some laptops to give out, I might consider making a few of those, or just some simple antenna extensions.

I was off work today, and spent all day doing homework and lab work. Our 'lab work' is mostly using a simulation program. While the simulation is a great tool, it doesn't complete the kinetic learning necessary with technical labor (did I make any sense at all there?). Having all these computer to work on during this class was a big help. I would do a simulation, then actually try it with real equipment. If I could find the right parts, that is.

I'm really glad I took a friends advice, and didn't take any other classes this semester. While A+ Hardware might not be that difficult for some, and even with the hardware experience I've had, it hasn't been easy. But, it has been loads of fun. How sick is that?

Now, even with my wireless success on Ubuntu Linux, the real success remains to be seen. I haven't restarted this computer. In the past, when I've restarted with the wirless card activated, Linux wouldn't boot up all the way. It would stick on 'configuring network'. My coach used to say, "Once is luck. Twice is coincidence. Three times, it's a skill."

I'll need to get it to work on restart, and two other computers to make wireless on Ubuntu Linux a skill.

The Bossman Project has an email address: bossmanproject@hotmail.com

I'm in need of:
  • Monitors
  • Belkin Wireless cards (I know they work, now)
  • 60-80 gig hard drives, preferable 7200rpm
The hard drives that came with the computers are on their last leg. Three of them are giving me; imminent failure warnings, so they can't be depended on much longer.

Eventually, I'll set up a website. Maybe I can use that to learn and practice Nvu.

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