Thursday, July 20, 2006


I use to think the Mac Mini was one of the best deals for a new computer. I still think it's an excellent option, but now, it's another option. From a System76, comes the Koala Mini:
It does look very close to a Mac Mini:

It's not that Koala copied Apple. They used the Mini ITX motherboard form factor, like Apple did for the Mac Mini. The differece is that Koala uses Ubuntu for their operating system. The price is cheaper too. Not much, but cheap enough.

I like seeing things like this; computer prices dropping, and getting smaller. Desktops will get cheaper too, especially when they use Linux.

It's my prediction that by next year, Christmas 07 probably, we'll see computers drop below the $150 mark. You'll see Linux on more computers, even in places like Best Buy, or CompUSA. You'll especially see them in Wal Mart. Microsoft Vista will be a nice operating system, but I don't think most people will forgo their current hardware when another operating system will work better.

If you have a computer now, chances are Vista won't work on it. At least, not very well. If you have an older computer, it won't work at all.

But Linux will. It will work just fine.

Mac OS is a good operating system. Probably a wee bit more secure than Linux. It also has nice eye-candy -something important for comsumers. The Mac Mini is a great computer. If money's not a problem, get a mac mini. If money's tight -get a used computer, and load Ubuntu on it.

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