Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hardware Success

I took my A+Hardware class final tonight. I got a perfect score; 660 out of 660. 66 questions, 10 points each. I studied enough, I guess. My average in the class was 94.24. I missed a few assignments, but I guess it was good enough to keep an A.

I have to take the CompTIA test to get the certification, but I'll probably do that in a few weeks. I'll have to take the A+Software class to get the full certification. I'm not sure what other classes I'll take next semester.

I set Nancy up with a Ubuntu Linux desktop. I'm jealous of her flat panel display. I put together the computer I was using when I tried out Fedora Core, and then Ubuntu. She got a cheap harddrive, and I loaded Ubuntu on it, and put only the software she really needs. I copied files from her Mac to her Ubuntu computer, so at the very least, she'll have a backup computer. I think she'll like the new computer, once she gets use to a few differences. Knowing how to use Linux, she'll be ahead of the game.

Here's a pic of Norway. It's just a snapshot someone posted on Looks good, don't it. No McDonald's, no Wal Mart, no Best Buy, not even a Subway. I hope America can keep a few places like this. The only ones I know of are the National Parks. Thank You, Teddy Roosevelt!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PERFECT SCORE!! I knew you would be a great student! Keep up the great work.

One of the exes

Julie said...