Monday, July 10, 2006

Bossman Hiccup

I'm having to change my Bossman strategy. Instead of using Linux only as an OS, (particularly Ubuntu), I've decide to add a Windows partition. My 'acquired' a copy of Windows 2000 Professional, and I can put that on almost any machine. The biggest problem is I still haven't figured out wireless. I'll probably get it figured out soon enough, but I want to get some computers in peoples hands. I can set up a dual boot system, so my donations can get use to Linux. Even when I use Windows, I'm loading it with Free and/or Open Source Software (FOSS). I'd prefer to be all Free and Open Source, but I just don't have the expertise. Not yet. I'm not happy with this situation, but it will do for now.

Dead Man's Chest (Pirates of the Carribean) is really good. Long, but really good. It keeps moving. I highly suggest going and seeing it. It didn't knock off Spiderman as the top opening movie for nothing. Even though there are more people in the ending credits than in Orlando, stay through them, and watch the rest of the movie.

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