Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Immigrants, Drugs, and Linux

Up until Monday, I was all in support of the immigrants, and illegal immigrants. I especially don't like the idea of closing our borders. There's something Soviet Union-ish about that. We might as well just take lady liberity down. Beside, the illegals buy products and services while they're here, pay sales and service taxes, and sometimes even contribute to social security through a dead persons old number. I was all for them being here. Until Monday.

They didn't do anything bad, unethical, or even wrong. Many people say, "They're criminals." I say, it's only because we have so many bad laws. But, now I'm all for sending them back.

Why? My reason is a bit selfish. I'll admit that.

Here, in Orlando, over 20,000 marched downtown. They stayed home from work, and boycotted business; Wal-Mart, Sears/Kmart, and McDonalds.

Driving around on Monday was like a Sunday. There was no traffic. Wal-Mart was pretty much empty, and no lines anywhere.

I've come to the conclusion: Traffic congestion is caused, primarily, from illegal aliens on the roads.

I hear President Fox in Mexico is considering legalizing drugs. All drugs. I'm all for that! Apart from my opinions on Freedom, we could deport all drug prosecutions (would there be any? I imagine most would go voluntarily), and for each druggie, we'd allow a worker in. Even trade, so to speak. Brings new meaning to Wasted away again in Marijuanaville.

* * * *
Seems my recommendation on Linux, particularily Ubuntu, are working. A girl I dated in the early 90's (hey Julie), is going to put Ubuntu in on an old Dell. Good for her! I'm happy that people are reading my blog (thanks again, Tony and Nicole!), and actually taking my advice. It good to hear I helped keep a good computer out of the trash. It's good that my influence might help people I don't even know. So, if I don't know you, and you've decided to try Linux, LEAVE A FRIGGIN COMMENT! Okay?

If one has the money, Mac is a better choice. But if one is lacking funds, Linux, expecially Ubuntu distribution, can't be beat. Old equipment and Linux are going to put a hurt on Microsoft Vista next year. It will probably come from illegal immigrants who sell drugs, and use Linux.

* * * *
This is a house being built down the street from us. It's a lot-filler. On an already big lot. I'll set pictures of it here occasionally, as it's being built, so you can see self-indulgent, over-consumption in action. This is the complete opposite of such concepts presented in the Simple Living program, and espoused by the book, Your Money or Your Life. Whoever buys this house will probably be haunted. I'll stand outside, and clap.

I grew up middle class. Not poor, just normal, middle class. I never learned how to handle money. The only thing I ever really learned was how to spend it. When I got an inheritence, that's exactly what I did; spend it.

Handling money is a skill, one that most people who don't have never really get to learn. I know how to live paycheck-to-paycheck. I'm really good at it. That's the skill-set I learned, mostly from example. It's funny; we teach our kids history, algebra, and literature, but expect financial stuff to be common sense.

I will probably never be wealthy. I never learned that skill-set. And, from training many wealthy people, I'm fairly certain I don't want the misery that come with it. My Granddad taught me, "Rich and poor people have the same amount of financial problems, just different ways and abilities of handling them." Or, at least he said something like that. I got the idea though.

As long as I have enough money to get by, I'm fine. I think I might actually be scared of having more. Not sure I'd be able to handle the problems that come with it. Never learned how to handle those problems, and from watching people, not too sure I want to learn.

Excuse me now. I need to do my Spanish lesson.


chickennugget said...

hey man, not gonna lie. i laughed out loud when i read the part about the mexicans. or... "immigrants" as some call them. keep up the good work. hope to talk to you soon

chickennugget said...

i think it worked that time... haha. let me know