Thursday, May 04, 2006


My gut is feeling better. I've been eating low fat, high fiber. Very high fiber, if you get what I mean. Even though that is feeling better, I had one of those all-day sinus headaches. It felt like one of those pressure induced ones. I can't take any headache medicines right now, so I just have to take the headache pain till it goes away. I hope it goes soon.

Nancy and I didn't do much today, since we both had the headache going. Maybe it had something to do with the earthquake in the Pacific. Pressure changes from that. Maybe it from the over-growing and installation of male plants by the landscapers in the area. Friggin horny plants.

I read in National Geographic that have your gut bacteria out of kilter can cause or exacerbate allergies. I've been doing a probiotic regimine since I started trying to eat better. I figure it will take at least six weeks, probably twelve, to get my gut to normal flora levels. I'm hoping that will fix some of the other gut problems too.

It seems our morality is having a detrimental effect. It's adding to a problem of low sperm count in young men. I use to kid that militant feminist were putting estrogenic compounds in the environment in an attempt to demasculinize men. Seems I wasn't too far off the mark. Morality involved with taking for destroying life is good, but all this morality involved with controlling the making of life is just stupid. I really don't think God would approve.

Nancy and I went to Seasons52 for dinner tonight. We were really lucky to get in. We at at the 'bar' area, like we did at Rain Forest Cafe. I had a Tuna Steak and veggies. Good, low fat meal. Veggie soup too. And one of those wee little desert. Even with a massive sinus headache, the meal was incredible. I love the atmosphere, decor, and even the architecture of Seasons52. When we we done, and the meal had been paid, I saw Anthony Jedwabny of Super Slow Zone Altamonte Springs come in. I introduced myself, said hellos, and offered the table for him. So, Anthony, if I seemed offish, it was the headache, not the Super Slow part.

Tomorrow, I'm assisting a PT client with an Angel Flight. We're taking some kids to a special MS camp. It will be really cool. It's been a while since I've been up in a plane, especially a small one. It's a single engine Cessna 210. So, if there are no more blogs from me, you'll know why.

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