Tuesday, May 16, 2006


In the past two weeks, I find myself using my 'temporary' 800mhz Gateway Desktop more than the more powerful 1.1ghz Compaq. The Gateway has Ubuntu. The more I use this Linux distribution, the more I really like it. It doesn't update every other tuesday, like Windows. Nor do the updates come even once a week or so, like Fedora Core. Ubuntu updates are constant. Whenever new versions of software are done, Ubuntu gets them out. With Fedora, you have to go get them. Ubuntu gives you this cute little reminder. It may annoy some people, mostly techy types, but the average user needs it. Ubuntu takes care of your system. Kind of like fiber.

It seems my BOSSMAN donated computing idea may be coming around sooner than I expected. As word gets out, more people are offering their old equipment to me. Right now, this is a really good thing. My A+ class is all about hardware, and computer repair. I want to learn and promote computing on the cheap. All this comes together very conveniently. At the very least, the extra hardware being offered will help me through the class with practical experience. At the best, I will be able to put together some really decent systems to donate to people who don't have anything, and need it.

I have two current stumbling blocks;
  1. Where to keep the equipment when I'm not working on it.
  2. To whom do I give the computers?
I think the answer to #2 will come, in time. I'd prefer to give it to students who need a system, or families who don't have one, but would actually make use of one. This way, I won't be giving anyone a fish, only to feed him for a day. I'll be giving him the rod and reel, along with the bassboat to go with it. That way I can tell them, "Go out there, and bring me back a tuna steak!"

The bonus for me with this idea is; I will have some practical experience to put on a resume. Hardware, software, support; I'll be able to present some experience to a future employer. I'll have hard-core, hands on, practical experience. Goody, Goody, gumdrops for me. I like butterscotch better though.

Speaking of butterscotch, Nancy and I went to a St. Andrews Society (the Scottish thing I'm involved with) on Saturday night. It was a dinner with a presentation about Scottish Whiskey, or Scotch. It was really good, and made me actually consider trying some. Someday. Maybe. Never really been a whiskey man.

Before the presentation, one of the gentlemen -and I do mean these guys are gentlemen- let me know they were hoping I'd be able to make it to Atlanta. The Knights Templar seem to want me in their organization. It begs the saying Groucho use to have; I'm not sure I want to be part of a club that would have me in it. I don't really have much to offer, other than my mind. Not much money here, not yet at least. Maybe there is something I can offer. When the time comes, I will. I've always said, If any of these secret societies actually do have some sort of world domination plan, I want in on it!

So now you're thinking, 'He's just jealous of the Skulls.'

Ya Think??!!

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