Sunday, April 30, 2006

How do you like our backyard? Needs a bit of work, don't it? Actually, it's the gardens at Canada at Epcot. Nancy and I went to the home and garden show today. They had lots of cool stuff. Nancy wouldn't let me ride Mission Space, due to my concussion A MONTH AGO, and my gallbladder problems TWO WEEKS AGO. Good for her. She keeps me in-line, and on track.

Nancy really liked the chairs. She said they were too cute for words, but she found the words anyway. She's good like that. Typical writer.

I saw some friends of mine yesterday - Nicole and Tony. They went to see the new movie about the 911 flight that went down. Nancy and I just weren't ready to see it. We saw Stick It. A cute gymnastics movie. Nicole and Tony laughed that I like to take lots of pictures of myself, as they noticed on my flickr site (click on the flickr pics to the right). I take those pics mostly so my family and friends can see me. I wish they'd do the same, so I can see them. Having an open book life isn't what some people want. To be honest, I was really glad to hear anyone was even bothering to look at my pictures.

Technology Comments Warning - Skip the next few paragraphs if you aren't a technophile:

If you've read my past few entries, you'll know that I've been using Ubuntu Linux lately. I think Fedora probably edges Ubuntu out on progress, but because of that, Fedora is phinniky. It doesn't crash, but you have to do a lot to get it to do everything you want. For a system that requires five CD's to install, makes you think, "Sup with that?". Ubuntu comes on one CD, but you really need to be connect to the Internet to immediately update it for it to have everything you want.

The really cool thing about Linux is that most distros update all the software on your system, not just specific software. Anything that has an update, will be updated. OpenOffice, Firefox, XMMS mp3 player, etc.

With Ubuntu, you get a little update notice that pops up on your desktop, similar to Windows. With Fedora, you have to check it yourself. So far, no cute little popups have happened, except for one that warned me my USB jumpdrive was close to full.

So far, Ubuntu still edges Fedora out for ease of use. It's almost as easy to use as Windows, and I'd have to say it's a wee bit easier than Mac.

Techy comments over

The good guy at Personal Trainers Studio have extended my contract another month, so things will be okay, at least for that long. I hope we can work something out for my part-time training. I'm really please with what I'm seeing so far, and these guys are professionals, so I think we'll be able to come to a good arrangement. So things are okay for now.

Check out Nancy's blog for some really interesting commentary on life, liberty, and the achievement of happiness.

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