Friday, May 05, 2006

Angel Flight

No boring stuff today about my guts, or Linux, or even exercise. I got to do something really cool today; an Angel Flight.

This is Jim Pyrich, one of my clients. His business deals with computer stuff, and he helps me sometimes. Gives me good ideas, paths to follow. In the last year, Jim got his pilots license, and bought a plane. He actually bought two planes, but the first one is for sale. He decided to upgrade. Jim needed a ride-along for an Angel Flight. Some kids, who have parents with MS (that's Multiple Sclerosis, not Microsoft) were going to a camp at Crystal Lake, near Keystone Heights. My stepkids, Stephen and Brett, went to the camp when they were in middle school. Anyway, Jim volunteered to do a flight. On the way there, we could see the fires in the distance. It didn't look too distant from 2500 ft.

We had to go to Inverness first, to pick up the kid, Darrel. Here we are in Inverness.

After we picked him up, we went to Keystone Heights, were we met up with the rest of the kids going to camp. I hope they have a good time. While we were there, a bunch more Angel Flight people brought in more kids. One guy had on an Angel Flight shirt with something about Angel Flight Katrina Aid on it. I could get into that kind of stuff.

I have Microsoft Flight Simulator, and I've gone through most of the Flight School on it, but that was a while ago. I haven't loaded it back on in the last few fixes of my system. Today, it reminded me I need to put it back on, and go through the lessons again.

Someday, maybe I'll sit in the pilots seat, and do Angel Flights.

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