Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More A+

This is my A+ Hardware class. That's the playground in the back of the class. We use a hardware simulation program to do most of the hardware learning. I'm sure we'll get some practical hardware work too. I'm learning a lot, but I got a little behind in the labs, mostly because I did the wrong one during the last class. So, I purchased the labsim program for home. That will help me to keep on track, and focus on actual hands-on in the labs.

I will get some practical experience soon enough. I've got a few PC's coming, and I'll be able to work on them some. Get the working. I might have to combine a few, but I'll be able to get a few working. I'll be using Ubuntu GNU/Linux, and the different derivatives it has. Evidently, people are able to get even a 233mhz to work well with Linux.

Next week, Dapper Drake, the next version of Ubuntu Linux, is coming out. It's suppose to have more hardware support. It seems many hardware companies are seeing the movement toward desktop Linux, and are eager to provide drivers and such. Hopefully, all will install on the systems, and I'll go about finding the computers some homes.

Other News:
Amy and Elias went on a cruise. Laura graduated from Rollins, and is working out really hard with me. I haven't seen Stephen and Brett in too long. My family either.

Damn gas prices!

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