Thursday, May 18, 2006


Techy Comments Warning: If you aint geek-a-fide, read no futher. If you are Geek-curious, read on.

I had my A+ hardware class again tonight. I need to buy the lab-simulation program, just to keep up. Some students are already A+ certified, but have to get the 'degree' if they want to advance in their companies, or careers. It's quite evident that I'll have to work a bit harder, just to keep up.

In the next few weeks, I'll be switching my Compaq desktop to Ubunu Linux. Today, I plugged up my big 250gig external hard drive to the Gateway 800mhz machine, with Ubuntu on it, and it worked with it right away. Even transfered a file from it. Why is that important? Because I couldn't get Fedora Core 5 to do it. It's also important because the disk is formatted with NTFS (New Technology File System), typically used by WindowsXP. NTFS makes it easier to work with disks larger than 120 gig (maybe it's 130, I can't remember). Even after downloading all kind of ntfs kernel modules, I still couldn't get Fedora to work with the disk. With Ubuntu, however, I went to Synpatic, search for anything to do with NTFS, and loaded it to the operating system. WaLa- It worked.

So now, my webcam works with Ubuntu, and my ntfs hard drive works with Ubuntu. Neither work with Fedora. Guess which Linux distro I'll be sticking with? At least, for now.

My A+ teacher, David Brunick, seems to like Linux, and the Ubuntu version/distribution of Linux. He's even helped a 'faith-based' school in an improvished area of Orlando with Ubuntu. On old computers. Hmm. Wonder if you've heard that before. It seems the school had some not-quite-legit copies of Windows they were using. With Linux, you get a free operating system and tons of software, for free, without having to steal it.

I realize that most of this won't be read. Oh well. That's blogging for you.

In Other News
Nancy and I have been working out much more again. If we can get in tomorrow, we'll have had four strength training sessions this week. A very good thing. At this pace, I'll have 85-90% of my best phyique back in four weeks. 100% in six, and if I can keep on for twelve weeks, I'll be 100.2 percent better than my best. For me, that would mean an abdominal skinfold of 6mm, and a left arm, pumped measurement of 16 inches.

The thing about all of that is; I don't really care about it. Six years ago, it would have been much more important. Now, being really strong, really flexbile, with incredible endurance is more important. At my age, what my body can do is far more important than how it looks. If I can be at my performance best, the look will come.

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