Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Disturbing News

This is a picture, back when Nancy and I were spies. We were pretending to be Muslems. We got fired. I couldn't do the whole beard thing, and Nancy just didn't like anything on her head for too long. No matter how many times we said, "Allah Akbar" no one believed us. We got fired. Thanks for nothing Donald!

Last night, Nancy and I, and Shelley and Bob, went to Rollins to see the student orchestra and student condutors. I was impressed. Of course, any program with James Bond themes will impress me. Some Indiana Jones themes too.

I think my body is still recovering from gallbladder problems. That, and I probably had a meal last night with a bit too much Olive Oil. I was bloated, and that pain at my solar plexus and between my shoulder blades hurt all day. I get really fatigued from it too. Brain fuzzy. I have to be much more careful when I eat out now. I'll have to order chicken and veggies anywhere I go.

My stepson, Stephen, started a blog today:
Good to see he's getting moving up. His has a blog tool, but he doesn't use it. Besides, blogger is a bit easier. So, Stephen, if you want, you can use the blog on your site, but blogger will do much better. Besides, is becoming a bit unwieldy. Maybe Stephen will start a account too. That would be cool. Maybe even Brett will start one.

Nancy's blog;
is extremely entertaining, if not somewhat disturbing. We are here to entertain.

It looks like Mexico isn't going to legalize drugs after all. Back to studying Norwegian for me. President Fox got some words from the US government, and he backed down. Our government, which has now become a National Socialism government, is extending it's reach a bit too far. Kind of like a previous National Socialist government did, at one time.

I hope my blogging fans will stick with me, and continue reading my strange thoughts. I might even start putting on more advertisements. Oh, and the disturbing news? It's all disturbing, especially when your stomach hurts.

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