Monday, April 03, 2006


I took this pic at the Winter Park Dog Art Festival. More on that in a bit, but look closely at my cheek. See the abrasion? On Saturday Morning, Nancy and I were walking Abby and ChiliDog. Just a few minutes into the walk, a squirrel ran out in front of us, and Abby took off after it. That's not too unusual for her. She likes the chase. However, Chili decided to assist. Chili got in front of my feet, Abby took off, my feet went up, and my face went down.


I hit the sidewalk on my right side, and my head hit the ground. Nancy said I made a mellon sound. I think I heard it in my skull too. I didn't pass out, but I was scraped up pretty good. My cheek, right shoulder, right hip and knee too the brunt of the fall. We're fairly certain I got a very minor concussion. My right side still aches, but other than that, I'm okay.

I cleaned up, and we went to the Maitland Art Festival at Lake Lilly for about on hour. I had to take a nap after. I'd wanted to go on to Disney, but Nancy didn't think getting on Mission Space would be a good idea after a fall. Can't imagine why. At the very least, if I died - my family could sue Disney for lifetime annual passes, hotel rooms, and free meals.

I had a headache all Saturday and Sunday, but this morning (Monday), it was gone. I could have been sinus/allergy headache.

The Dog Art Festival was fun. LOTS of dogs. We didn't take Abby and Chili. Chili would have liked it, but that many people would have made Abby nervous. Our dogs are still much more cute than all the others. I felt sorry for the artists though. Everyone was looking down, at all the dogs, and not the art. To be honest, the art wasn't impressive overall (listen to me, acting like I know anything about art). There were more pet and dog services being displayed than actual art.

Now for the SLAM (Stepping on the soap box now)
Thumbs down, and jeers to the Winter Park Lifestyle magazine. It should be called: Winter Park magazine for the complete over-consumption and self-indulgent lifestyle. Such is what Rome must have had, just before the empire fell. It is an embarrassing testimonial of American lifestyle. The people involved in such would never understand why -they're too involved in self satisfaction to get it. Nuff said. (Stepping off the soap box now)

My blogging as been amiss lately, partially because if I actually did blog my thought, everyone would think I've become an unpatriotic liberal. In reality, my personal life is doing well, so I'm able to see and think about the crap going on around me. If my personal life wasn't doing good, I'd be self-focused, and blind to what's happened to our country.

Take, for instance, the current credit system. You get a number -Beacon Score- which may or may not truly indicate your credit worthiness. Now, in all fairness, it's probably fairly accurate for me. I have such difficult keeping sixes and nines right-side-up, even keeping up with the current date can be difficult for me. But, this system is moving close and closer toward a consumer communist state. One in which you are expected to be in Indentured Servitude (debt) to 'earn' a good credit score. In today's society, having absolutely no debt is seen as a bad thing??? Sup with that?? I think Tyler Durden's plan in Fight Club may have been a good idea. Money isn't the root of all evil, anymore. Credit is.

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