Friday, April 28, 2006


If you've read my blog lately, you're probably bored with my Linux comments. Oh well. Watch me care.

Ubuntu, so far, is my favorite Linux distribution. It's, by far, the easiest one for new users. For free. Free, as in FREE BEER! You just can't beat that. Mark Shuttleworth, thanks again! While Fedora is probably a wee bit more powerful, Ubuntu does everything everyone needs, and more. Fedora can be complicated. RedHat isn't really complicated, but Fedora is their cutting-edge Linux distribution. If you are a poweruser, use Fedora. If you're an 'everday' user, use Ubuntu.

Ubuntu, just as some other Linux distro's, has a 'LiveCD". You can actually download the Operating System on a CD, and boot your own computer with Linux. All, without damaging, or even touching, your hard drive. You can run a Linux LiveCD version completely from the CD drive. With the new LiveCD in Dapper Drake, you can use the CD for a 'trial run', by booting off your CD drive, and, if you want, you can install Ubuntu from the LiveCD on your hard drive, as your primary Operating System. The new LiveCD does both.

If you use Windows, you've got nothing to lose, except the time it takes to set-up a Linux OS distro. Windows is completely under attack from malware. It's just too easy to attack Windows, as it's PC (DOS) based. Windows was originally meant to be a stand-alone computer. But, the internet happen. Mac OS and Linux were designed based on networking standards and protocols. Windows just can't keep up with the pace of malware out there in Cyberland.

Ubuntu is impressive, even for this Power User. It loads WAY faster than Windows, and boots up quicker too, even on this old 800mhz system. Other than a few slow-downs opening programs, I don't notice any performance difference. At least, so far. It might be slow to load programs, but once they're loaded, I struggle to find any other slowness.

Most of the Linux forums I read focus on the problem with wireless. I've yet to find out for myself just how difficult Linux is with wireless. I don't have a wireless card in either of my desktop computers, and the laptop has WindowsXP. My next purchase will probably be a cheap, D-Link wireless card, as that's the one most people seem to have the least trouble with. Before Linux can truly be a viable option for most people, they Linux communities will have to fix the wireless issue. That won't be too easy. Some of the wireless hardware companies aren't very warm to Linux. Microsoft has big money deals with them. In a few years, Linux will be on more desktops, and even laptops. Wireless hardware manufactures will have to accomidate Linux, if they want to keep business.

* * * *

My belly is getting better. I doubt I've fixed my Gallbladder problem. Not quite yet. That will probably take another year to really say, "It's better." I have been eating well -at least much better- and I'm working out more too. So, hopefully, things will come into play, and my belly/abdominal area will feel much better.

I cannot say enough about the medicinal properties of Oatmeal! More than anything else, it make my belly feel better. Why? I can only speculate. But I don't care why. It's good. It's good for you. Watch me care why.

I'm working out more now. Okay, I'm working out, period. For the last few months, I've really been a slacker. I've felt the effects of being 'deconditioned'. At least, as much as I can. I've also felt the effects of igoring what I know about food, and eating whatever-the-hell-I-want. I also know about not using my time as well as I can. I've experienced the feeling of my life out of control. I have no clue how people put up with it for very long. I even heard the words, "I'm not in the mood", in my head. Luckily, they didn't come out of my mouth.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have great disdain for those who 'live by their moods". I can be just as guilty as the next person of being moody, but for the most part I don't live by my moods. For me, they are simply a consideration, not a mandate or doctrine. For most people I've encountered, moods are simply a way of life. It's also the very thing that holds them back. Not letting moods rule your life can be a difficult thing, especially for those who unwittingly use their moods to manipulate others. (Can you tell I encountered moody customers tonight?)

My Personal Training business may take some new twist and turn, pretty soon. The new owners of the facility I work out from, put a good bit of money into it, and have made it much better. The only problem is; they want more money. How much they want isn't unreasonable at all. Completely reasonable, in fact. A bargin, to be sure. The problem is; I only do Personal Training part-time. Being in school, and trying to run a one-man-business doesn't work-out in todays market. So, if they can't negotiate on the price, I'll have to do completely in-home training with my clients. While the financial aspects of that are very good, the convenience of having a gym five blocks from where I live is too nice. Let's hope they're willing to work with me, to keep me there.

I hope more of my readers comment on my blogs.

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