Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Six Days

Six days is too freaking long to go without a post.

I spent most of the weekend working at Sports Authority. Between that, school, and my Personal Training business, I've been very preoccupied.

Thursday is the last day for my speech class. We have our 'mock congress' speech. One of our team member pulled out, and dropped the class. Had he not dropped the class, we would have gotten a big fat zero. So we have to go at it with three people. Not fun. Not at all.

I'm the team leader. That part I don't mind. The part I mind is having to make up for the missing member. Not sure how to handle that. I may actually have to speak twice.

I have alot of work to do over the next few weeks. You know; finals and all. This is the part of school I dont' like - having to work on someone elses time schedule. I've never liked that part. Left to my own accord I can actually do better. But, on someone elses schedule, I struggle.

Other News
I read on some of the message boards about the High Intensity Training convention in Indianapolis this last weekend. Seems like it was a good one. They are learning how things really work. Slowly. A bit too slowly, but some of them might come around. The HIT cult, and the Super Slow cult are tough to move away from, but some of them might make it.

I highly suggest downloading the Ubuntu Live CD iso image, burning it to disc, and running from that, especially to surf online. I have Fedora Core 5 on my desktop, but Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution, and might be the curent best one. The Ubuntu Live CD version runs the Operating System directly from the CD drive. The hard drive is never really accessed. Other distribution have Live CD's, and they are a good way to learn and familarize yourself with Linux. At the very least, you can surf and instant message with no threat of getting malware. At the best, you'll realized, "Wait a minute -I don't really need Windows". That, and, "Dang! This stuff is free!"

I haven't felt very well the last few days. I really hope I'm not coming down with somethings. Especially before a final speech.

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