Wednesday, April 26, 2006


You can see there've been some changes in Personal Trainers Studio facility. Good changes. The new owners put in some new equipment. Quality new equipment. My rent prices will go up a bit, but I think the new equipment will be worth it. I like what I'm seeing, so far. My Personal Training prices will probably remain the same.

Last week, I got sick. Pretty sick. More than likely, I had a gall bladder attack. About eight years ago, I got sonogrammed, looking for Aortic problems. They didn't find any, but they did see pollops on my gallbladder.

Over the years, my digestive problems have gotten worse. Some of it is probably due to anxiety, some from too many years taking asprine and ibuprophen, and some from not-so-good eating habits.

Now, I have to eat good. I'm okay, as long as I eat low fat. High fiber intake is important for me, also. It's frustrating to be limited, but you work with what you got.

Last week, I had to work on my Final Test and Class Project for my Operating Systems class. I turned it in on Tuesday night, so I'll find out how I did later.

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