Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Persuasive Speech

Of all the speeches I've done so far, this one is the most sickening. I'm really struggling to get this one right, or even close. I could become CEO of Sports Authority, and do a much better job than the current administration, before I could get this speech down right.

I'm doing it on Highway Safety. Yeah, I could have thought of something way more exciting, and probably should have, but I just didnt' want to bother. This is one time I just want to get this out of the way, and get on with my real classes.

Anyway, here's a screenshot of my current Fedora Core 5 desktop and background:
You can see some of the books I've downloaded so I can pre-study for upcoming classes. The Illustrated TCP/IP made the whole Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol much easier to understand, and I've only skimmed it. We do have a test on it soon.

I started working on my project for the Operating Systems class. I'm going to go over Linux File Systems, in a short story form. Hopefully, I can make it exciting. The story formula is: Conflict (want + obsticles), Action, Resolution. Obviously, the main character has to learn the Linux file system basics, and quickly, but theirs something preventing him, or maybe distracting him. I'll post the final story on my DannyTLand story blog.

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