Sunday, July 08, 2007

What the F...?

I've been looking through the stats of my posts to see what's the most popular topics, links, and pictures. Now, in my vanity and tremendous ego, I'da figured that pictures of me would be the most popular. I figured posts of me would be popular. At the very least, anything about Nancy would be the most popular.

Nope. Guess what the most popular picture is:

Yeah! My friggin laptop! At the time of writing this, the view count is 1,827. My laptop?? WTF? Out of all the interesting pictures of me, me at Disney, me at work, me in school, me and laptop is more interesting than me?? AArrrggghhh! (Simulated rage). Just about the only comments I receive are requests on where I got the Ubuntu sticker. I made it, folks! I used my creative head, and made it myself. Instructions are on the flickr page.

The next most popular pictures are the various screenshots I did, like this:
This picture was view 498 times. So, a screenshot of my computer is more popular than all of the pictures of me put together?

Oh, and then there's the links. Out of all the links, everyone seems to link to anything having to do with one of these little buggers:
And that's not even my picture! No one cares about all the educational links, or the entertaining links I provide. No one cares to learn more about Open Source software, Xubuntu, Ubuntu, Free Geek, or any of that. Everyone wants to find out how to borrow wireless signal from their neighbors. Be my guest. The little Windsurfer antenna instruction page is, by far, the most popular link I've ever provided.

So, I better see some more clicking on ALL my links! Remember: I know where you surf!

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