Sunday, July 15, 2007

In Click, Out Click

Sounds like a Dilbert topic, don't it. Every so often I check my blog stats to see what brings people to my blog, and what the click on. The cool part is I can tell what search request lead to my blog. So, here's some quick answers to search requests:
  • At the moment, I can't recommend Fluxbuntu. I didn't find it any faster to use than Xubuntu. If you need to use a very lightweight distro for older equipment, use Puppy Linux or Damn Small Linux (DSL). Hopefully, Fluxbuntu will improve.
  • The Belkin 54g USB Network Adapter doesn't work in Feisty. You can get it to work, but it's not worth the hassle. If you absolutely need to use that adapter, go back to Edgy or Dapper. Hopefully, it will be fixed in Gutsy. Just think; do you really need the eye-candy in Feisty? Dapper is the LTS version anyway.
  • Louisana Catahoula Leopard Dogs's are absolutely wonderful dogs. If you get one, just make sure you have a high fence. No, 8ft isn't a high fence. If you don't have a high fence, an electronic collar will be necessary. The link is to the C.U.R.S (Catahoula United Rescue Society).
  • Xubuntu works very well on older iMac G3 computers. Only the alternate install CD will load, and I recommend using Xubuntu Dapper 6.06.1. You can try Feisty, or Gutsy when it comes out, but starting with Dapper, and upgrading from there seems to work.
  • The Windsurfer is an excellent antenna booster. I'm amazed at how well it works.
  • I was able to get around the Critical Temperature Reached bug installing Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn by removing the laptop battery during installation. Not sure if that works for all laptops, but give it a try. Other than that, install Edgy, then upgrade to Feisty through the update manager.
Those are the most common searches that people are looking for when they hit my blog.

It would be interesting if someone was trying to look up how to get the Windsurfer antenna working on the Belkin USB adapter with the Xubuntu iMac G3, so they can surf for pics of Catahoulas. That person probably wouldn't have Critical Temp problems though.

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