Friday, July 06, 2007

Virtual Free Geek

I was thinking I would eventually need to load Xubuntu on my own laptop, mostly so I could have it for support for our Free Geek installations. Like Free Geek Chicago, we get mostly 500 MHz - 1 GHz machines, and rarely anything more powerful than that. These are still powerful machines, with the right software. With Xubuntu, they hum right along.

Helping my brother out reminded me that I don't have to have Xubuntu as my primary installation on my powerful laptop. I can enjoy the power of Ubuntu, while having Xubuntu in a virtual computer to help with support. Using VMware or VirtualBox, I can have a Xubuntu installation that will be exactly like what I put on a FreekBox.

Which brought to mind another thing I want to accomplish: Ubuntu support. The original Free Geek in Portland provides support for the systems. I'd like to set up volunteers with a website and a Skype in phone line so they could provide chat or phone support for the systems we provide. It would give people trying to get into technology jobs some experience. A cool thing Free Geek does; if they can't fix your machine in 15 minutes, they simply replace it. Try that with any other computer store! There's a lot to be said for used equipment with Free and Open Source Software on it.

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