Monday, July 23, 2007

Dell Optiplex

Some people have looked through my blog to find out about a problem with some Dell Optiplex computers. I encountered the problem with two GX60 units.

It seems that the installation of Ubuntu, or even Xubuntu, doesn't go well on a few systems. The common answer I've found is: Set the Frame Relay from 1mg to 8mg. If you're using another graphics card, you probably didn't encounter the problem. My Optiplex GX260 has a 32 mb graphics card on it, and it works more than well enough. I've thought about getting a better card, but that would involve rebuilding the system. Might as well upgrade the processor too. I simply don't use the things a super-duper graphics card is used for. What I have works well.

This Thread on the Ubuntu forums will help.

In Other News
It seems that Maxed Out was removed from Google Video. I'll leave my link up till someone else posts it, and I'll relink to it.

Someday, these people will understand that posting movies like that on Google Video or YouTube will boost their sales. Too many people live in old, out-of-date business models.

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