Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pirates, Macs, Xubuntu and ZaReason

I watched "Pirates of Silicon Valley" again. It's pretty much required for anyone working for an Information Technology degree. While it is a drama, the basic history of it is very significant, especially the chronology of events. The drama and relationship between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs is just that, drama. I'm sure most businesses have something similar. The early car makers had similar relationships. If you haven't seen this movie, it's fun. Not boring even for the non-techy type. If you can't find the DVD, or the torrent file, it's on Google Video:

It's funny; Mac has it's Mac Cult, and Linux has it's line up of fanboys. Not many people are in a Windows cult, or are fanboys of Windows, but it's still the dominate force. Go figure! I know - it's because business and education. Maybe a bit about gaming too.

Xubuntu is working out very well as the primary choice for the Free Geek installations. Having it Virtualized on my laptop helps too. Xubuntu is very easy to work with. Even the Forensics Distro, Helix using XFCE now. Having Xubuntu on a Pentium III laptop would work very well.

Another independent hardware company is selling Ubuntu preinstalled on PC's: ZaReason. ZaReason is the brainchild of the people behind the ACCRC - Alameda County Computer Resource Center, near the campus of UC Berkley. They work very much like Fre Geek. ZaReason seems to be another excellent choice for an Ubuntu preinstalled new computer. The use the Shuttle PC form factor for their desktop models, and they have specific computers for kids and teens. There's an interview with the CEO of ZaReason, Cathy Malmrose, on AllAboutUbuntu blog. Check it out.

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