Friday, August 25, 2006


The only real nudity here is the experiment to get my ranking higher in google.

Here's my current Ubuntu Linux Screenshot:

Some of my friends and family ask, "Why are you on such an Ubuntu kick?" To answer truthfully;
I'm not on an Ubuntu kick. I'm on a FREE, Virus Free, Adware Free, easy-t0-use, keep old computers working operating system kick.

If Windows did it, I'd be on a Windows kick. If Mac OS X did get the idea.

As far as Ubuntu goes, it's just the current easiest to install and use. It's not without it's problems. This week, in fact, Ubuntu has a serious bug in an update which caused thousands, if not millions, of users to not be able to get their computer working. Some computer complusive/obsessive types, like me, worked for hours to get it working again. Ubuntu had a fix up in a few hours, but not before many people reformatted their system, and possibly lost data. Luckily, I had to visit with family, so I wasn't at home to obsess over a fix. I got home in time for the official fix to work.

No operating system is without it's bugs, Linux included. But, try to get OS X working on an old iMac G3, 333 Mhz, or Windows XP on a Compaq 400 Mhz computer. It might get on there, but go eat dinner while your programs boot up. With Xubuntu (the XFCE version of Ubuntu) the work, faster than the did with Windows98, or Mac OS 8-9.

Soon enough, another Linux distribution will out-do Ubuntu. I'll probably use that one. Right now, Mark Shuttleworth has Ubuntu on top of the world. It comes on one CD. That's a big reason its so popular.

Tomorrow, I'll have some family pics up. Maybe ya'll will tell me which you like better; family pics or tech talk.

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