Saturday, August 05, 2006

Too Techy

I've probably lost some readers because my blog is getting too techy. It's getting too techy because I'm getting more techy. I think readers seem to be more interested in my personal life. Thing is, the technology part is my personal life, at least at the moment. Since I'm in school for technology, it comsumes a large part of my day, and my attention. I can't apologize for this. It's what it is. If my focus on technology turns you off, and makes you not want to read, all I can say is; "Go ahead. Be a fool and carelessly use Windows."

Opps. There I go again.

We had an Epson Printer go down on me, recently. No, not that kind of 'go down'. It's stopped working. It gave me a message say, "Go get this hulking machine serviced, you stupid idiot." Those weren't the exact words, but I'm sure that's what it was thinking. I emailed the Epson people, and they sent back a reply telling me to switch off and on a specific locking mechanism five times, then dance in a circle. I did, and it worked! I used the Highland Fling, just to be extra sure. Besides, it was the only dance I knew that actually went in a circle. Who knew the Epson guys were Scottish?

If Wal Mart opens in Norway, I'm not going there! It will simply become, USA, Part II. I don't dislike Wal Mart. I dislike the effect it has on the landscape of our country. And the effect it has on our country. Much like Sports Authority, much of the merchandise comes for China. They make the stuff, we sell it, and on occasion, service it. Everywhere we go looks like everywhere else, but with different weather. McDonalds, Wal Mart, KMart, etc. All the chain and franchise stores have little except help us part with more money. They have made less expenive merchandise, but at what costs?

It truly happened; We've become a consumer/service society. The United States of America actually DEPENDS on it's citizens overspending themselves. It depends on our hunger for stuff. It depends on us spending more than we have, or could ever actually make. It depends on our lack of self-discipline, and encourages over-consumption.

Conservative though says, "The rest of the world is jealous." Liberal though says, "The rest of the world despises us." Both extremes are wrong, and neither actually helps our image Worldwide. The rest of the world isn't jealous of us. They see us as self-important, over-consuming, close-minded, single languaged idiots. On that, they'd be right. What they see, and say, is that American's are nice, wonderful, and loving people, who have no clue of the gift and advantage we have by being born US citizens. They'd be right.

So, with that in mind, I'm for a new deportation program. Not the illegal aliens coming to the United States. They appreciate what we have. While they got here illegally, they follow the laws once they're here -generally. They don't want to be deported, especially back to their homelands.

We need to deport some of our own! We'll start with the hardened criminals. They're mostly mental cases anyway. Next, the sex offenders. People who mess with children should be offered the option of honorable suicide; the only current treatment plan available for them.

When we deport people, we'll put them on 'prison ships' and let them go where they are taken by the ship owners. As long as it's not the United States, it don't matter.

So, who should be deported? Instead of starting at the top of the list, lets make the list upside down. That way, we get rid of potential problems too.
  1. Traffic violators - This would cut auto insurance rates way down, or possibly even do away with the need for them at all.
  2. Shoplifters- They make prices go up on us all.
  3. Insurance Fraud gangs - The real reason insurance prices are high. Quit blaming the Lawyers. Put the blame where it really goes.
  4. Domestic Violence offenders - become safe, in your own home.
  5. Petty, repeat criminals - where most crime actually takes place on a daily basis
  6. Hardened Criminals - instead of deporting these people, they are inducted into the military, or FBI.
  7. Talented Criminals - Serial Killers, etc. These people have employable skills. Probably as subcontractors, of course. The United States would never actually hire a known serial killer as an employee.
  8. Women who wear too much makeup. Because, I don't like it! Thats why.
Enough commentary for tonight.

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