Monday, August 21, 2006


"I don't like organized religion."

How many times have you heard that statement? I've heard too many times. Obviously, the people who say such nonsense didn't listen up in English class. Is there a religion that isn't organized? What would a disorganized religion be like? My guess; it would probably resemble something like a corporation.

I'm sure many of my readers are religious, and others had religion class in college. Some of you might even be part of an organized religion. Personally, I've got no problem with organized religion. What I have a problem with is; scripture.

To the non-religious type, that may seem obvious. "It's all stupid anyway," is something you'd hear them say. To be accurate, I actually never get to the part of distrusting scripture.

I distrust anyone who tells me any writing is the word of God. How do they know this? Because they heard if from another man? Who did that man hear it from? How far back of a chain of trust do we go on that? How many people have to be trusted when I'm told, this is Gods words.

People of various faiths are true believers. We see that, and how it can create problem in todays world. Not much different that 1000 years ago. (Thank again, Pope Urban!).

Why should I believe the words of man, when he tells me, "This is the word of God!"? Why should I believe man when he tells others what God wants, or what God says, or God's plan. When he tells me these things, why should I believe him? Which of these men would God have me trust? And why would he have me trust them?

Some people treat scientist as a religion. Interestingly enough, most scientist don't treat it like that. But for some, science is their religion. It seems that the people who understand the least about a particular science -physics, for instance- place complete trust in it's principles, or Laws. They give it absolution -and some even give absolution itself religious respect. It's interesting to watch these people as their own priests -scientists- prove the laws wrong. The scientist merely take note of it on their way to discovery, while the followers argue the findings.

In the United States of American, we have our own organized religion. It's called The Law. We have our High Priests and Priestesses -Supreme Court Justices. We have lower Priests- District Courts, Federal Courts, State and County Court Judges. We have our local Priests, and thousands of monks. Just like all the religions that came before the, they speak the language of the ruling class; Legalese. We have to have them translate legalese for us. We must give offering to The Law for the priviledge of tranlation. And, just like in all old religions, the wealth hobnobbed with the and most renouned monks and priests. Not much has changed. It just looks and sounds different. Sure, the rules are different, but the format rarely changes much.

I'm not against religion -organized or disorganized. And I don't really distrust scripture, no matter what book it comes from.

I distrust MAN! Somehow, I don't think God would have a problem with that.

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