Tuesday, August 01, 2006

House of Thompson

The supreme and kinda-sorta-powerful House of Thompson has posterity. This is Ben Thompson. He will soon be three. A wise and confident sort, he is. Good Scottish/Irish/Celtic stock there. When he's older, I'm sure that smile of his will insure the continuation of The House of Thompson. Ben's father, Mark Thompson, gave me permission to post Ben's picture. I need to get some pictures of Andy, my brother Brian's son. I'll see if I can get that in this week.

Get this: I'm the Patriarch of the House of Thompson! I'm the current oldest surviving HOT male (I just love writing it that way -HOT male). Me. My granddad and Dad had to pass on, and leave ME in charge! I'm just too lazy to control our familia secret society. Opps. Not suppose to talk about that. Nevermind.

Speaking of laziness, what if the Anti-Christ is already here, but he's too lazy to do the job? Or he's a meth-head, just looking for his next dose. The zealots assume he'll know better. They also assume he's a he. I think he's going to be a she. Maybe, the anti-christ is a crack-ho.

While the discussions of Global Warming are debated, at the very least, we need to figure what to do, just in case it might actually be real. Since global warming has occured before humans were around, and even when we wore animal skins, I could buy the argument that we're not the cause of it. That it's a natural phenomenon. But, that doesn't help with WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? How are we going to respond to it. Survive? I think the weather is going to get pretty wacky over the next few years. Maybe even quicker.

Just in case, I'm going to buy a couple of inflatable Kayaks. A House of Thompson Ark.

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