Monday, March 13, 2006

Super Slow Zone

It seems that some at the Super Slow Zone are a bit upset about a training manual I wrote. While it might give a slight headache in trouble for a few weeks here, it's cool that I wrote something good enough to be contraversial. Really cool.

As it goes, I wrote a manual for Gainesville Health and Fitness Center in the early 90's. When I left GHFC in 2000, I was no longer a Super Slow cultist. Someone at GHFC really liked it, and emailed it around to other Super Slow trainers. I started getting calls on something I didn't believe it, so I sent them a copy of my 'manifesto' -an article titled; Intensity/Inroad/Recovery, which refutes much of the Super Slow / High Intensity Training concepts. Maybe not refutes, but at least directly questions.

Anyway, it seems quite a few fitness centers liked the manual, and decided to use it for their own. I allowed the original source material for the manual to be released as 'open source'. Now, I understand the Super Slow Zone people aren't happy. It also seems that Super Slow Zone isn't doing very well. A few individual centers are doing okay, but some critical business errors have happened, and the SSZ francisor is tripping up on a hole she created. Let's just say; Donald would say "You're fired!"

I do feel bad for Ken Hutchins, though. While I completely disagree with his training ideas, he is a good man, honest, and firm in his convictions. But, he's fallen in with some unsavory characters. No matter how bad they try to pressure me, I won't go work for them, even though I have a drastic plan that would help. The free info gravy train is over for them.

As for me:
This week is the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival. Expect a LOT more pictures. I may even need to upgrade my account to hold them. I have Spring Break, so I've spent a good bit of time studying.

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