Thursday, March 16, 2006

Artist Set-Up

I just figured out that the links I make in the Title of each blog doesn't come up. You've been missing some really good links to some interesting sites, sometimes having absolutely nothing to do with the title. So, for the time being, well just do:

Link of the Day

Today, I worked with the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival. The artist set-up their tents. Unfortunately, the artists on the street have to wait to 5am Friday morning to set up. We couldn't get the street closed earlier. Nancy and I chalked off the booth spaces for the Street People - sounds so politically incorrect.

We're tired tonight. Really tired. Zapped. Kapput. We really didn't do much though. We spend much more time walking in the hot sun at Disney, and don't feel this tired. And, we're not out of condition. Well, not anymore than 10-15% on most fitness tests. I thought I drank enough water, but maybe not. My legs are crampy - usually a sign of not enough water. You'd be surprised just how many aches and irritations being properly hydrated will help you. Some people take it too far, but it's not really too hard; Eight glasses a day is minimum, and usually only for sedintary people. If you spend your job sitting, you're sedintary enough. Every hour of intense activity, add another 1/2 glass. In hot climates, add a full glass, and if you're hot an active, 1 1/2 more glasses. The only time I'd ever recommend going over a gallon is unusually hot days, especially dry heat.

I think the pollen has affected me far more than ever before. My eyes have been itchy and dry, my sinus go back and forth between being clogged, and being open but raw.

Maybe I'm just getting old.


So far, I've got my Fedora Core 4 (Red Hat) Linux machine to do most everything I want, except something important: Connect with my PocketPC. I don't even care if it syncronizes with Evolution the Open Source version of Outlook. I just want to be able to transfer files - audiobooks, podcasts, pictures, plans for world conquest, school work, etc. I rarely us my calander right now, since I'm trying to use Linux more. My wireless USB thingy doesn't work on it either. Fedora Core 5 comes out on Monday. I'm hoping it has more hardware recognition. That's one advantage Windows and Mac have; plug anything to either, and it works. Not so with Linux. Not just yet. Soon, I think.

Time to grab a girl, a couple of dogs, and get a good nights sleep.

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