Tuesday, March 07, 2006


This is Abby. I'm pretty sure she's more intelligent than me. It wouldn't be too hard.

A few days ago, Abby and Chili were playing, and Abby's neck got scratched. Being the benevolent owner I am, on our evening walk, I used the harness on Abby, instead of the choker collar. I couldn't remember how to get it on her. She did. Abby pushed her head through the collar opening, and lifted her leg for me to snap the harness. She remembered the pattern with the collar. I didn't. From two years ago.

Just, Damn!

Have you noticed my posts becoming more and more techy? Yeah, me too. Some people have responded, wanting more commentary. At least, I'm glad I'm entertaining.

Other than learning my dog is smarter than me, I have no real commentary tonight. Maybe I'm finally linking into 'the system'. You know; the one with beacon scores, malicious financial people, identity theft, and dogs and cats with no hair. The system where you don't start life after college from the ground; you start 20 stories from the underground - deep in dept. You become a servant of the system. You do what you told at work, because you have to. You ignore you conscience, and remember your responsibilities.

We've become slaves to our indulgences.

Nope, no commentary tonight. Sorry.

When I have to study for school, if I'm studying anything about computers, it doesn't feel like studying. When I have to study for speech class, it feel like glass splinters piercing my face, neck, and shoulders. Or was that the hurricane?

This last weekend, I did a trade-out with a friend to fix her computer. It was slow, really slow, with only 128meg of memory. But worse; it had some serious malware - some spyware and a few rootkits. The spyware is workabout, sometimes, but the rootkits are not. It's far easier to start with a clean slate. I saved her files, reinstalled Windows -this time making sure it, and all the virus and spyware detectors were updated, reintalled her software, and made it look purty too. It came out better than new.

The problem is; it's going to get infected again. It's Windows XP. Sure, Microsoft has done an excellent job of making computing easier for the masses, and the internet has given reason for the masses to want or need a computer. But the two just weren't made for each other. Her Windows computer will become infected. Yuck. I set up a pretty basic defense, enough of one so that she can be somewhat protected, but still do what she wants, but it's just not enough.

I'm not bashing Microsoft here, not am I a Windows hater. Windows has a problem - security. When Vista comes out, I'm sure it will be much better. But, for now, anyone using Windows has to be a security expert, even though even they get infected too.

If you want to be able to use the internet without the irritation of viruses, spyware, adware, and rootkits, get a Mac, or install Linux. At least for now.

Maybe Vista will be better. For the price, it better.

I'm sorry about the whole commentary bit. I just can't think of anything to comment about. I'll work on it.

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