Monday, March 27, 2006

A week off

I'm back!

I think I had "Post Traumatic Art Festival Syndrome" this week. The Art Festival went really well, but I went far too many days with less that six hours a sleep. I'm an old man now, and I need my sleep. If I'm not careful, it can become a habit, I'll get mental, and freak out completely.

Last Monday, I downloaded Fedora Core 5, and tried to upgrade my computer. That didn't workout too well. Some things I wanted loaded on didn't get loaded. Since I keep all my personal files on other discs, I just did a fresh Operating System install.

Fedora is cutting edge distribution of Linux, so it can be moody, and FC5 was no exception. After much bitching, some cussing, spitting, and staying up WAY too late, I got it set up how I need. Fedora is an excellent operating system that most anyone could use, but for a power user like me, it can be frustrating. Most people wouldn't need the stuff I use. I get really deep and detailed.

If you're reading this, and you're considering a free system with your computer, with free software, powerful, and did I mention free, Fedora is great. For the a user who wants something easy to use, compared to Windows, I'd recommend Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Linux is the top Linux 'distro' at the moment, mostly because it is so easy to use. I put the PowerPC version on Nancy's old pink iMac, and it worked great. Ubuntu would even work well from someone who's not computer savy. Just like any other Linux distro, you can make it work/look like Windows, or Mac. It also comes on only one disc. Most distros, like Fedora, come on more, as many as five discs.

So, if you want a safe, secure computer, with PLENTY of free software, Ubuntu would be the choice.

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