Monday, November 27, 2006

Working Out again, finally!

I had my second workout today, after just over 5 weeks of no training. The medication I was on was a bit restrictive. I've got less than a week on it, so I'm able to train again.

I got weak. Real weak, real fast! Body pains are still there, but much less. The workout helped, especially in my left hip and shoulder. It's going to take me awhile to get back to something I would call strength, but I don't think I'd ever want to get like that again. Ugh.

When Nancy and I move, I'm hoping to mix the office and gym together. I'd like to have the workout equipment in the same area, making easier to do both. Not necessarily at the same time, but throughout the day. Kind of how a farmer use to live. All day training, out of necessity.

I made me a wallet today: Paper Wallet!
The Photo above is not my wallet, but a picture from the instruction site. Mine's white. In the picture, the one if the foreground is a week old, and the one behind it is just made.
I liked the cheapo wallet I'd bought at Kmart, but it was still a wee bit too big. This paper wallet is just the right size. In the future (probably not too far off), I'll remake one from the Tyvek paper used in Fedx envelopes.

I'm ahead in most of my classes. I have a big project in Networking that has me somewhat nervous, but I'll figure it out. I'm lucky that way.

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