Saturday, November 04, 2006


The whole video blog thing is a good idea, but I should probably wait till I have better equipment. In the meantime, I'll stick with pictures, like this one:
As you can tell, I'm trying to grow a beard. I've never grown one, so I thought I'd see what it was like.

This pic was taken at the doctors office. That's right; Doctor. After many years, I finally relenquished, and was dragged kicking and screaming to the doctor. I'd prefer to go in unconscious.

I've been having middle-aged man problems. Not of the performance type. Not yet, at least. My prostate has been giving me problems for a few years, and in the last three months, it's been much worse. After having to get up and go pee twice during a timed test, I knew I had to do something. I got an ultrasound on a testicle -it was really swelling, and not for good reasons- and they found a cyst, causing a varicocele. It's not very comfortable, but it's not dangerous.

I avoided going to the doctor, mostly because I knew what was going to happen; I'd go through some test, be poked and prodded -or rather probed, then the doctor would say, "Yep, you're getting old. Sorry. That'll be $3000.

The first round of antibiotics they gave me knocked me on my ass. I haven't taken antibiotics in probably fifteen years. Maybe even longer. Within an hour of taking them, the level of fatigue was surprising. The weirdest thing is a bilateral 'neuralgia' pain. My left side aches, everywhere. The skin is so sensative, it feels like a sunburn. My muscles hurt, and the joints ache like crazy, but ONLY on the left side. Just the left. That's weird. They also gave me something for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. My health insurance is 911, so they gave me a good discount for paying cash.

I can't stand going to a doctor. It's like admitting defeat. Giving in. Giving up. Maybe not so much that, as the healthcare industry in USA is way out-of-wack. When someone I know who can afford the absolute best health insurance available, but still has to wait in the Emergency room overnight for a hospital bed to open, somethings wrong. Then again, that person was afforded no prejudice because he was wealthy. Still, it needs fixed. If I could afford insurace, I'd have gone to a doctor months, if not years ago. Specifically for this problem.

Maybe I watched the movie, John Q. too many times?

Because of this, I haven't been able to workout lately. That's frustrating too. I feel weak, tight, low energy. My waist is actually getting pudgy. In short, I'm becoming American. Maybe in a few months, I'll fit in.

Maybe not.

During all this, Nancy has been really supportive. And, very understanding. I haven't felt like 'me' lately, and those of you who know me will know what I mean. At least, now we know why; I'm gettin older. Five short years ago, I looked and felt much younger. People at my high school reunion recognized me easily, even when I couldn't recognize them. Now, I barely recognize myself.

* * * *

School is going well, even with the up and down during my tests. I've actually been writing more too. Next semester, I should be able to take more classes. And, these classes, except for the Linux Administration class, are ones I've not encountered.

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