Saturday, September 09, 2006


During my first twenty years in the fitness game, I had a purpose. I went into fitness, mostly out of a natural evolution from my years as a competitive gymnast. My sport gave me an advantage in the fitness field. I liked fitness, but liking what you do isn't enough to push you. You need a reason much stronger than "I like it." Liking what you do is important. Very important, but it's just not enough. Not enough to get you through difficult times. Not enough to be worth low pay, or the difficulties that can come with high pay. Liking what you do is motivating, but motivation is just an emotion. It comes and goes.

A few years into the fitness business -about the time I started personal training- I decided I wanted to make an accomplishment. I was inspired by my fitness hero Jack LaLanne. I wanted to help 10,000 people improve their life by improving their fitness. My goal gave me more than just motivation. It provided me with determination. I was determined to make it happen. I was determined to work through the frustrations, the financially difficult summers and holidays that's part of being a trainer. I went through some interesting experiences, realizations, and even revolutions (not the political kind, of course). In twenty years in the fitness business, I learned as much about myself as I did about fitness.

I didn't change. The industry changed. And, the public changed. When I first started, much of the public was excited about fitness. Athletics, bodybuilding, running, biking, anything physical seem to be popular. Now, fit and athletic looking people get stares of distain in public. So many people want to be trainer that a new market has opened; training and marketing to trainers. The money to be made in the fitness and personal training industry doesn't come from clients. It comes from selling products and services to people who want to be trainers. That is not something I want part of. It just doesn't fit my purpose. Some of the products and services are very helpful. Most are not. Most are not needed.

I'm very close to the 8,000 mark on my goal. I'm making approximates there, based on my time as a floor instructor in different jobs, helping people online, and direct contact as a trainer. But, I'm close. And I'll keep working on it.

But, I have a new purpose. A purpose just as important; Information.

Over the last few months, I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with a career in computers. I wasn't sure why I wanted to bother. Other than liking computers, I didn't know where to go with it. I knew it would probably provide me with a better living than personal training (at least, in a era when everyone and his brother, sister, cousin, aunt and uncle want to be a trainer).

If your reason for doing something isn't strong, anything will stop you. If you reason -your 'why'- is strong enough NOTHING can stop you.

I'm not sure who said that, but it sticks with me.

A few days ago, my draw to computers and technology became apparent. The why came to me:

It's about the information!

Information is power. It's a commodity. It's more important than money. It can provide liberty, or at least the knowledge of how to achieve it. Information, especially when openly shared, levels the playing field in an opportunity society. Just like education, the information itself is neutral. What is done with information, the action, is what makes the difference.

I want to be a part of something that helps provide people as much open access to information as possible. I want to help enable people with information. I want them to have the tools, or at least the access to the tools, to acquire whatever information they need or want. I want to help hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions have access to information.

I also want to help make sure information is open and shared. Only in a police state, an oppressive and controlling society, is information held back. It's controlled. The only control information should have is by the reciever, not the deliverer or the middleman. If the goverment can have access to it, everyone should have access to it!

That is why technology is so important to me. A tool to acquire and maintain liberty.

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The Voice said...

Coach Danny,

I want to say thank you. Your inspiration, provided during a talk you gave on blogging at an FWA writers group got me started on the path to blogging.

I was struck by your comment that the discipline of having to post regularly helps to hone one's writing skills.

I am finding that to be true for me. I also find that the writing itself fills me with the need to write more, perhaps the determination you speak of here.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your information.