Thursday, September 21, 2006

Brain Dump

That's my nephew, Ben. We've just done a Putt-Putt course. He whooped me. Just look. That's probably what I look like as a corpse. Still holding my pocket computer.

This is one of those times when I open up a blog window, and have no idea what to write about. So, I'm just going to type what comes to my head.

My last post was on Steve Irwin's memorial service. I'm not sure why his death hit me as hard as it did. Maybe, I admire someone who lived life to the fullest. Maybe, I admire someone who lived a humble life, yet changed the world. Maybe, Steve was someone who showed us that living wealthy wasn't near as much fun as one would think. Steve really had fun, but did other things with money besides spend it on himself.

Why is it the richest people in the United States of America, the ones who espouse meritocracy, are the most liberal democrats. Not that I have a problem with it. Just makes you go, 'hmm'.

Why is it that when you ask for help, you don't always get the help you want, but you get the help you need. Oh, wait - Sorry Mick.

In my classes, I'm doing well. But, I feel lost. Not as lost as some other people in the classes. I can tell by their questions. I know the answers to some of their questions. I feel lost in the class. I can only imagine how they feel. Maybe things will come together in my head next week. Unless I have a brain aneurysm, or something like that.

I'm sure you've seen some of those 'prostate' commercials? Lately, I feel like a commercial. Scuse me, while I run to the bathroom. And, I'm just about ready to compute standing up. Until I get a handle on this, working out isn't an option. Anyone with any non-medical tricks, post a comment.

The Linux Link Tech Show is my favorite podcast. TWIT would probably be next, then Security Now. Linux Link would be incredibly boring to anyone not really techy, and into learning about Linux. TWIT would be someone interesting and informative to those at least mildly techy. Security Now should be listen to by anyone who is connected to the internet.

I've used Windows more this last week than in the last three months. Most of my homework is Windows based. Being on Windows so much makes me paranoid. I'm pretty good with security, but I don't feel well lately. I think I caught a virus from my computer.

Even though he's only a character in a comic strip, Wally will probably be seen as a prophet in the future. For those in cubicle work environments, he's probably seen as a prophet now.

Even though everyone knew she wasn't real, that that truth has come out, Lonelygirl15 -aka 'Bree'- is still entertaining. I hope they keep the show and drama going.

Ubuntu is still my Linux distro of choice. If I'm a good student, eat my veggies (except spinich, of course), say my prayers, I might get to work for a company like Red Hat or Canonical from home when I'm done with school. It could happen.

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