Friday, September 29, 2006

Evacuation Procedures

This is very important information. By the early thirties, most men have already learned these important lessons. But, some have not. So I'll help out:

If you've watch the above video, you'll see how important mens restroom rules are. Indeed, modern civilization depends on them. If you're an employee, or even a student, this video instruction will help:

For men, todays lesson simply provided you with some reminders. For young men, you may have gained some insight as to why you get the crap beat out of you in the boys room in school. For children, you shouldn't be looking at my blog anyway. I've logged your IP address, and I'm going to tell your parental unit!

For women, the above videos may have seemed like humor. The humor is there, but the reality of the mens room is true to form.

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