Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Portable Virtual Computer

You could actually have your own computer, with absolute minimum of hardware. Here's how:
  1. Acquire a copy of Ubuntu LiveCD
  2. Get a 1-2 gig jumpdrive
  3. Signup for Yahoo - and setup your Briefcase
  4. Signup for Streamload.com and setup your folders
  5. Signup for xdrive.com and setup your folders.
  6. Startup any computer using the Ubuntu LiveCD
  7. Setup your LiveCD and jumpdrive to work in Persistent Mode
Okay, so it's a little complicated. But, it can be done, and you can have your own 'computer' seperate from any other computer. If you're able to access the internet with your Persistent Computer, you can use Xdrive and Streamload to store large files. You can add programs to your jumpdrive. You won't need a regular hard drive. You can use any computer with a CD tray, and a USB port to have your own virtual computer. Use your friends computer. Work computer. While this is a very techy, it give you an option, just in case.

For instance, let's say a hurricane hits you, and you're completely wiped out. Even if you lose your CD and Jumpdrive, you'd still have your files online. You could burn another CD, acquire another jumpdrive, if you really needed those things. Or, maybe, you want to surf at work, without anything ever touching your work computer. It can be done. All this is very much a What would Wally Do? type of thing.

School is going good for me. I'm ahead in my classes. Today, we learned about looking up techy jobs. Maybe Disney will still be hiring when I'm done.

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